When your looking for a local pro sometimes the defining term for what you are looking for is really important to finding the local professional for you.

Many of the service for home remodeling will require multiple professionals. And each of these professionals will need to be sources at certain stages in the process.

As an example in a kitchen remodel or a remodel when you are going to manage the project yourself as the general contractor you will need to start with the following.

  • Permitting requirements? in some areas you will need permitting to make changes to your home. Typically when changes to electrical and plumbing are involved due to licensing requirements. Contact your local town office concerning when permitting is required.
  • With this remodel will I be making structural changes to wall floor or have any potential for structural changes to the building. If so you will need to consult a structural engineer to ensure that the changes that you make will affect the structure and how that will be addressed.
  • Flooring? Will flooring change require the removal of cabinets or other attached elements in the space.
  • Do we have changes to electrical for new appliance locations, outlets, lighting and switches? You will need to review local code for whether you are able to do this yourself and code inspections
  • Do you have any changes to plumbing locations due to appliances moving or new fixtures? You will need to review local code for whether you are able to do this yourself and code inspections
  • Cabinets, Will you be reusing cabinets refacing or painting or will you be replacing the cabinets with new? Sourcing these online is the easy part. Finding the professional to install the cabinets properly and the costs associated with installation¬† is another matter.
  • Countertops? Will you be reusing the countertops or purchasing new countertops? Many remodels are going with custom Countertops like Quartz Countertops Or Granite Countertops. These countertops are extremely heavy and require professionals to install them.
  • Does your project have tile? Tiles projects are misleading in that the tile at the box stores can be quite inexpensive. Installing tile correctly can be a difficult and is a very time consuming process. Unless you have experience with tile installations you should get an estimate from a local professional
  • Estimates…. You will need estimates for all the products and services. You’ll need these estimates when you apply for permitting in some towns.

For the above listed reasons and the numbers of contractors required for such a project is why people tend to use a contractor, builder, or designer for such an ordeal. They have experience in your area for pulling proper permits and have access to the various vendors required to complete the project. They deal with timelines scheduling and all the details. To have someone else manage all these various aspects the project will at lead double in price.